Blog back up

19 June 2016

Hello World. I have migrated my blog away from PHP+Wordpress for security reasons. Didn't have time to babysit it and so I decided to go for a static generated site.

There were a couple of options for me to choose from:


So let's see. I wouldn't touch anything Ruby related in my free time with a ten foot pole, so Jekyll and octopress are not a viable option. So thanks but NO, thanks.


I've heard good things about hugo, but after look @ docs it seems too complicated for what I need to do. So if I needed something more complex I would probably go for that.


The style of says it all. No bullshit, just a flexible tool. I am not a web developer, but the tools offered by jbake are enough for my blog. So, yeah I went for that.

Regarding comments I will probably spin up something soonish (could be 2020 lol).

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